Employment Opportunities at West Elk Wilderness Outfitters

At West Elk Wilderness Outfitters we are always looking for hard working, motivated people who love to work outdoors. All positions will be open to returning employees first and will then be open to the next qualified applicants. Horse experience, as well as experience in the field that you are applying forĀ  is always a plus but anyone employed will have to learn a lot about the way this specific outfit operates. So while you may be an expert at a previous place of employment, we are looking for people who are willing to learn new ways as well!

Hunting Guides
To be hired as a guide for your first year you will need to have previous experience guiding hunters for elk and mule deer. There are always exceptional hunters who may be able to prove themselves as competent guides quickly and may be hired as an Apprentice Guide but will move up to a Guide by the end of the season. But these situations are rare and with a lot of country and other outfit operations to learn if you have any question about safely guiding multiple hunters by yourself please apply for an Apprentice Guide position. (Hunting Guides will work roughly end of August until the end of November)

Apprentice Hunting Guides
An Apprentice Hunting Guide is someone who is a hunter themselves and is interested in learning how to guide clients. Depending on the capabilities of someone in this position, an Apprentice Guide can be promoted to a Guide after one season or multiple seasons. Apprentice guides will shadow guides to learn how to help hunters but will also help the wrangler and will fill in for other positions where needed. (Apprentice Hunting Guides will work roughly end of August until the end of November)

The main job of a Wrangler is to know about horses. The Wrangler needs to be able to take care of the horses, know when they are sick, be able to tack multiple riding and pack horses, and ride for multiple hours at a time. Wranglers also lead guests on day trips, overnight trips, pack trips and during hunting season, so are expected to be kind and friendly with guests for extended periods. Experience in riding is a necessity and experience in cooking, packing, and navigating through the mountains is also a plus. (Wranglers work roughly beginning of June until the end of November)

The main job of the cook is to be able to prepare sufficient amounts of well rounded meals for the guests and employees of the camp while staying within a given budget. The Cook's kitchen will consist more of camp oriented equipment such as propane and white gas stoves and cooking over the fire. Cooks are also expected to be up very early in hunting season to have coffee and breakfast ready in time for the hunters to get ready, eat breakfast and then ride to their hunting zone all before sunrise. The mid day slows down a lot for the cook while riders or hunters are gone so cooks may be given some camp chores such as collecting wood for the fire or stoves, cleaning out tents or doing dishes.

Please send a copy of your resume along with your available dates to work to westelkWO@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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