Summer Programs in the Gunnison Country USA

For our Summer Season we offer a range of activities and adventures that fit into the itinerary of both summer visitors and locals! Our trips begin from multiple trail heads around the West Elk Wilderness with plenty to see in each location. Wildlife is abundant, as well as wildflowers in the spring and summer, colorful aspens in the fall and always breathtaking mountain views. Browse through our options ranging from half day horseback rides to multiple day pack trips, and remember, we are flexible with the details of our trips, so if you have any questions feel free to give us a call or send us an email! We do get busy, so the best way to ensure your spot is to call and make a reservation in advance if possible.

Horseback Riding in the Gunnison Country

Daily Horseback Rides

Horseback rides through the trails of the West Elk Wilderness can last various lengths of time and require no minimum or maximum limit of riders. As part of our booking process we will help you chose which location is best for your size group and level of experience. Our ready, willing and knowledgeable guides are experienced in safely guiding guests of all abilities down our mountain trails. For the safety of our guests we do not provide rides that run, gallop or race any of our horses. Riders will walk their horses along safe, maintained trails led by one our guides.

Half Day Rides (Three hours) - $75.00 per person
These easy three hour rides include wonderful views and the possibility of spotting some of the West Elk's abundant wildlife.

Full Day Rides (Six hours) - $150.00 per person
A six hour ride allows for the viewing of more remote, but equally beautiful, areas. Bring your poles for some brook and beaver pond fishing if desired!

Scenic Lunch Trip - $200 per person
Complete with a classic picnic on a blanket. Ride horseback into a beautiful destination and spend an hour or so enjoying a light feast of local foods. Perfect for a romantic date, or a day outside with the family! Rides, as always, are planned custom for our clients! (A small cooler will be available for personal items.

Pack Trips

If you are looking for a guided wilderness horse pack trip, we recommend our pack trips! We love spending extended periods of time in the Colorado high country. We hope you will come with us on one of our trips because we know firsthand the effects of these trips. After many months of living in the West Elk Wilderness we still feel the joy, and freedom that the wilderness offers anyone who takes the time to listen.Pack trips with West Elk Wilderness Outfitters Gunnison

The two different types of pack trips we offer are Progressive and Base camp trips. Included with both trips are guides, horses, pack animals, all basic camping equipment, and all meals. You only need to bring your personal equipment.

Click here to get a recommended personal gear list for each individual. We can supply much of the necessary personal equipment for a small rental fee.

Base Camp Trips - $225.00 per day per person

During our base camp pack trips we will ride to a camp and stay there for the predetermined time. Each day we can arrange many different activities, such as day horseback rides from our base camp, fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing, and at certain camps mountain climbing! These trips are logistically easier for the guides and stock, so the price is a little lower.

Progressive Trips - $250.00 per day per person

With a progressive trip we move our camp as the trip progresses. We have the option to stay at each site for a day or two before we continue on to our next camp. These progressive trips allow us to explore more of the West Elk Wilderness. We have a variety of destinations to visit.

Drop Camps

Drop camps are offered for the summer season. See our rates and feel free to contact us with any questions!


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